Community Center for Immigrants

Our History

Currently 9 million permanent residents are eligible to apply for citizenship in the U.S. Only 10% of those eligible apply for U.S. Citizenship each year. We aim to help increase the number of new citizens. The Center for Migration Studies of New York found that the medium household income for U.S. naturalized population is about $26,000 higher than households of residents who are eligible to naturalize and haven not.

What Students Say

“Thanks for helping me out when your time is precious and have other things going on. However, you choose to devote your time on us. I appreciate your kindness. Again, thank you so much!”

Paw Ta Hla Htoo, a refugee from Burma (also known as Myanmar)

“There is a lot to learn for Citizenship Interview. You make it so easy for me to learn and remember. Thank you teacher for all of your time.”

Nur Jahan, a refugee from Burma (also known as Myanmar)

“Thank you so much I passed my citizenship interview today my officer was very kind nice. Thanks for your help 👍🙂 ”  

Mykoa Kupchanko, YouTube Subscriber

Our Executive Director

Hello! I am Caitlyn Lewis. I have an MS in Education, BA in Communication Theory, and am certified in Trauma-Informed Care and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFOL).  I have six years of experience as an educator and have navigated the immigration system with my husband, Dhondup, who is a Tibetan refugee.  Helping immigrants find a sense of belonging and home by becoming a U.S. citizen is my passion.  In my free time, I love to go hiking, read, and spend time with friends, family, and our cat.

Providing Support and Resources to Immigrants and Refugees