Reuniting Families: Hope and Resilience

Imagine embarking on a perilous journey, walking at night through dense forests and cramming into a small, fragile boat, all while enduring days without food. This was the reality for Sajedah, who fled her home due to the violence and persecution she faced in Burma (also known as Myanmar).

After years of uncertainty and hardship, a glimmer of hope appeared for Sajedah and her family. They were granted the opportunity to live in the United States. However, a heartbreaking decision had to be made- they had to leave their eldest daughter behind because she was not eligible to immigrate with the rest of the family. The weight of this separation was immense. Sajedah often found herself consumed by grief and shame for leaving her daughter behind.

But today, after receiving U.S. citizenship, Sajedah can finally begin the process of bringing her daughter to the United State: “Getting my U.S. citizenship means I can now apply for my daughter to come and live with us in the United States. She still lives as a refugee in Malaysia with no permanent status and is under continuous threat of being sent back to the violent military regime in Burma.”

Sajedah’s story of a family separated by conflict is common among the immigrants and refugees we serve. It is stories like these that fuel our dedication to help as many individuals as possible obtain citizenship, ensuring that families can be reunited with their loved ones.

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